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Hello all as you know its been recently bright and sunny. For me I really enjoy the hot weather but thats because I'm a runner. not to mention during the summer we have tons of watering events such as water wars in which we basically have multiple buckets full of water balloons.  One thing that really catches my eye about Arizona is the sunsets they are just incredible , one day I would like to dedicate a whole day just to taking pictures of the brilliant sunsets.  I originally moved here from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! to be honest I am huge fun of the dark gloomy and stormy weather but being in the sun suits me very well I like to think it gives me energy so thats a positive. I'm so thankful that there isn't any humidity here the dry heat really isn't that bad but moving on. One of the best times I ever had was when me and a few buddies went to Flagstaff , it was great to see snow in Arizona. Since I a new to the whole photography thing I decided to take my camera and take some wonderful shots of Arizona .  Since being here for almost two years I really started to love Arizona I mean for me I will tell you Arizona has some of the best sunsets I ever did see the way the sky lights up as if it were a giant fresh painting. Not only have I come to love UAT but I also fell in love with the beauty of Arizona.













Posted on Jun 17, 2016 8:48:12 AM by Jacob Turocy in Blogs

Jacob Turocy

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Majoring in Game Art & Animation and Digital Video. Originally from Pennsylvania.


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