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Hello all! What haunts your darkest nightmares for me it's Pennywise the Clown. I was so excited to see the new IT 2017 trailer drop , my first opinion was actually the sound design was perfect. I think that when making a horror movie the sound has to hit every beat correctly and needs to be chilling something that sounds a cold chill down your spine that makes you not want to move from your chair. A terrifying yet frighting. This helps because recently I'm trying to write a script for a horror movie but I don't want this to be jump scares what I want is a well developed horror movie that's interesting. I want to create suspense, something that makes people uncomfortable and at the same time I want them to stay for the end.

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I think the first trailer they showed for IT was phenomenal most avid Stephen King readers are well familiar with Derry considering it is brought up multiple times through out his different book series. Once again the pacing of music and that creepy sound effect they have when you see the shot of the house. I also have a feeling this movie might be a two part movie I hope that this isn't the case just because the means we would have to wait for the next part. Just yesterday they released a second trailer that is about about two minutes and this showed some of the interaction of the Loser group and how the characters act towards each other.

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I really like overall how this movie looks and as a Cinematographer the lighting is an ominous yellow. This creates terrifying vibe that keeps us in our chairs, in horror I think the lighting is almost handone of the more important parts this helps the monsters , Slashers , and the unknown hide from us because one of the biggest fears is not knowing whats behind the door or in the dark.

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