I have an internship!

This past week has been pretty busy for me. As part of the graduation requirements at UAT, I recently got an internship at a company called WebPT. WebPT is a web-based physical therapy software created by a company of the same name based in downtown Phoenix.

I’m pretty excited, because it seems like an awesome company with some equally awesome people. Last week, I went through their orientation with a few other new hires. We learned a bit more about WebPT’s history, the Team Commitments (which is WebPT’s version of a Code of Conduct), HIPAA, and the roles of the various departments.

I also met with some of the people in my department. I will be working on the Product Development team as a User Experience Research Intern. My role will involve working with personas, doing usability testing, researching users and user needs, and wireframing, all of which are things that I have had to study and practice as an HCI student at UAT.

Just to soothe some worries, the internship process at UAT is pretty straightforward. Once you become a sophomore, you can start applying to internships that will count towards credits at UAT. There are some Internship postings on the Intranet in the Career Services section, but internships outside that list are also possibilities. In my case, my Career Services advisor, Joel Walton, helped my create a resume and put me in touch with the guys at WebPT. I would recommend talking to Career Services often (especially once you become a junior) in order to make things easier in the long run.

Once you get an internship and confirm it with UAT, you are responsible for weekly journals detailing what you are doing in the internship. It is important that you complete these, because the journals are UAT’s way to judge how the internship is going. The journals themselves are not too complicated. In 350 words or more, you explain what kinds of things you are working on. These can be moments where you applied a skill you learned while at UAT, times when you learned something new at the internship, or basically anything you encounter as an intern.

UAT talks to the company you are interning with at three different points: once at the beginning to confirm the internship, halfway through as a “mid-term” evaluation, and at the end of the internship period. The evaluations, in addition to the weekly journals, will determine your final grade. As long as you are completing those weekly evaluations and doing your best at the internship, your grade should be fine.

I’m only at the beginning of my internship at WebPT, but if you’re concerned or worried about the internship process, feel free to comment or email me and I’ll help you out. If you’re a current student, you can also meet with Career Services.

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