How to Survive College - Part Six

Greetings and salutations!

Today I will be talking a little bit about the various events that we go to or participate in as students!

Your time as a student here will be a lot of ups and downs, travelling and a bit of inhouse events, but with the presence of technology and many members also participating in the industry, there are so many opportunities available! If I had to choose the top three in regards to a lot of the events or conferences around here, I'd sum it up to three majors:

  1. Game Programming/Design/Art & Animation
  2. Network Security/Engineering
  3. Digital Video

Across the board, Game Programming/Design/Art & Animation students will flourish. There are so many different projects all across the school, and even extending further as the teams further develop their projects. Whether they would be one of our greenlight events, or the various conferences, they're all over the place, and work on so many different things.

Most recently for the game majors, one of the teams created a game, Flub Fighter, and it was recently up on the Steam Greenlight program as well, and you can find more information about it here! They also took the game to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and I highly recommend reading up more about this conference too!


For the Network Security buffs, we have other conferences and the like that we all participate in. For a while, the most common conferences that we had been a part of would be Blackhat and Defcon, quite possibly the largest conference in the United States for Network Security and Information Governance, and it's one of those things that it's a trip you should absolutely try and make if you are going out into the industry. There will be executives and representatives from almost every large scale security firm across the nation in this one conference, and it's highly worth it to give it at least a look!

Other events would be scattered Root the Box events, or participating in various Cyber Security or Capture the Flag challenges. There are quite a few opportunities around the Arizona area, and they would either be in small convention centers, various school buildings, or simply in a coffee shop as well!

You can find all the info about Blackhat, Defcon, and Root the Box with the hyperlinks provided!


Finally with the Digital Video department, it's one of those things that there is a lot of recognition for a lot of the various works, namely Red Sand and more recently, Ouroboros. Both have received recognition and awards through various film festivals, and I highly recommend checking them out with the videos below!


What you do with your time though as a student is completely up to you though. I just recommend trying to go to as many events and participate in as many projects as you can. There is so much potential for things that we can do, and there are always going to be different conventions and places you can go to pursue these as well.

Being in Network Security, I've actually found myself traveling places. Either to various venues across Arizona, or even going to California, or Nevada later this year. There is so much going on, that it can be a little overwhelming at times, but it's definitely well worth it to be able to meet a lot of representatives and figure heads of the companies you may wish to work for.

So go on out there and meet these people! Build your portfolio with projects, whether as a group or as an independent developer. After that, you will thrive, and your time in college will be so much cooler!

Until next time,

-Nicholas "TAE"

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