How Many Classes Can You Handle?

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If you are planning on going to college soon, or have just started college one of the most frequent questions that gets asked is "How many classes can I take and still be sane at the end of the semester?" Now it's no lie that college is a very stressful and demanding part in life. You are preparing and learning the skills you need to get ready for the real world. The further you go in college the harder the classes get and you get assigned more.

My suggestion to anyone starting college or who is currently in college who've been asking this question is to take it semester by semester. If you know that you have to take a semester of 6 classes, make sure that you are prepared for the amount of work that comes with those 6 classes. It also helps to manage how many 300-400 level classes you are taking. 300-400 level classes are usually the more advanced classes. These are the ones I was talking about earlier that demand more from the student but also end with you having a nice piece of work. Make sure you have plenty of time to work on each project and homework assignment you will receive. If you have a job it may be wise to ask for a little less hours if you are taking a lot of classes or high level classes.

A good way to go about it is to ask yourself a couple questions. How much time do you predict to have this semester? How demanding are the classes you will be taking? How much time will be needed for each of the classes you're thinking of taking? A  good thing that I have found about UAT professors is that some of them have suggested degree progress sheets that give you an entire break down of what classes they advise you take every every semester. I have also found that if you are interested in a class and are worried about how much work will be assigned, the professors at UAT will tell you how much they expect and how the class will be. Communication with your professors even before the semester begins is a great way to gauge how the course will be for you.

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