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Hello all , its been a very busy week and weekend for me last Friday , Saturday ,and Sunday were filled with filming. The project that I had the wonderful and grateful opportunity was Help Falls Psycho Babel , on this project I had a chance to be assistant camera man. I couldn't be more excited working with Brandon and Jordan and the whole Help Falls team was truly a wonderful experience. The role that I was tasked with is that changing the lens and assisting shots because getting stills of the Hotel which was great because I had a chance to use my camreaown creative freedom and using Dutch angles, this was such a blast. Each day was more exciting then the other , Jordan let me have chance and do some of the more creative shoots like the one with the jib that we attached a camera to and it was to suppose to follow Rose from underneath  the bed as she would rise up.  I couldn't have asked for better crew everyone wanted to be there and was ready to shoot some creepy The CaptureShining/Psycho inspired themes. The hotel we filmed at Alfred Hitchcock actually filmed part of Pyshco there along with we were only a few doors from the Hitchcock suite.









My experience on the set has turned me into a professional working Digital video student and I'm glad that I get to be around such great people and energy I think I found my passion and that s to be behind the camera directing and making movies I think that the opportunities that not only my professors have given me but the school as well.






Below is a link to the first official trailer of Helps Falls so check it out

[su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube]

























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