Help Falls Here I Come

14444612_1587232854914623_4398211527557721076_oHello all! Jake here and over these past two weeks I managed to keep myself insanely busy, This includes school projects , film shoots and overall , having a blast with friends.  Recently I had a huge opportunity to be on set of Helps Falls , now this may sound silly but this has been a small goal of mine. This is one of the biggest projects to go on in our school and I knew I wanted a slice of the action. Once I found out they the directors wanted me join , I could never turn down the offer. So we started packing up all the equipment and were ready to head out a t 7:00 Am sharp. The destination was Payson its a area thats about 2 hours away from UAT and when we first got into Payson it started raining which was perfect , we also got lost for a little which was fun at first then it got annoying because we were wasting time. But after we found the location the rain started picking up and at first we were worried about not getting any shots. but soon after the rain cleared and then we collect all the shots we needed it was another great experience.14543805_1383753974985726_8923418320919024769_o

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 9:23:02 AM by Jacob Turocy in Blogs

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