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Recently, after a blog I had posted not too long ago, I have been watching a series on YouTube called Good Game Design. This is a video series of the pronciples of good game design shown in games. Principles such as the "Teaching without Teaching" and "Motivational Punishment". This series talks about great game design techniques used in games now a days while using popular games to show these principles in use. Ever since games were created we have been using some of these techniques. As games have developed throughout the years these techniques have grown and developed as well.

Some of my favorite priciples that snomaN Gaming talks about in this series is the Teaching without Teaching Principle. This principle is all about games showing a player how to do things instead of always getting a bubble with the correct button to press. The game he decides to talk about is Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight doesn't really have any tutorials to tell the player what does what. The player figures it out as they go along with conveniently placed obstacales and monsters. Another game that I think does this well is The Witness. This is a great game that just recently came out. This game has over 500 of puzzles and has really great reviews so far. This game from the very beginning has the player start out with a puzzle of them draging a line through the first puzzle to solve it. This shows the player how to use these puzzles without having to tell them what to do. It then further teaches the player without telling them how to solve the puzzle by giving them a couple turns in next couple puzzles.

Game Puzzle

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Another one of my favorite topics snomaN Gaming talks about is the Controlled Freedom Principle. This is a principle that is about giving the player all or a lot of power in the beginning of a game to help make them feel powerful and free but still controlling the environment around them to help them learn how to use these abilities throughout the rest of the game. He uses Ori and The Blind Forest as an example for this principle and does a great job of explaining it.

[su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube]

I highly reccommend you check out these videos if you are interested in game design. It may help you pick out these techniques when you are playing these games. You can check it out here.

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