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Hello all! Jake here , so today I'm going to talk about some old and news things about me. So as of recently I have been going to Sun Valley church and I have to say its been glo13640976_10208642328009382_8159157690202185645_orious and I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to go with. See this is one of the churches that isn't judging or shove anything down your throat. I know when I first started going to church I didn't understand anything and I always had questions and the worship and services at Sun Valley are amazing the atmosphere is so calming , its nice to have that every once and awhile. A dear friend of mine Juan  helped me get involved with the church for this I'm truly thankful. This has opened something inside of me giving me power to do things I never thought possible. Another great thing is the music Hill song is perfect all there songs are live and I can't believe how spectacular the band sounds.





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Update! I just recently bought a brand new camera unfortunately I haven't had a good chance to use , just been to busy but I already have a photography trip in the works. I'm also a static because this camera came with some many new gadgets and a tripod, some of the gear that it came with I don't have experience using but you can bet that I'm going to suited with this quickly. Not to mention I plan on editing all my stuff in Photoshop to give it more of an authentic look to some but this doesn't mine that I'm going to edit all of my pictures and this is because some are meant to keep that natural look to them.Camera






Speaking of camera's I had a wonderful opportunity to be on the set of one of my friends short film called Calico , I had the chance of being a grip on the project and they eventually asked me to be the clacker , at first I was nervous to do this because I didn't want to mess anything up but thats how you learn so after a few hiccups I ending up having a blast, we start filming at 7:40ish and got finished around 4:00 in the morning. my favorite part of was the "Master Shot". The master shot is where the actors do the whole scene in one go and I have to say that both actors where absolutely  great.clacker14362603_1235299063194413_1467183050461699962_o

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