Gamasutra and Why it's Important to You

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So today I'll be informing you all on what exactly Gamasutra is and why you should know about it.


So If you have an interest in creating games for a living this website is going to be a great place for you to keep up with. Essentially Gamasutra is a website that gives updates in the gaming field as well as posts where jobs in the gaming field are available. The website it super user-friendly and easy to work around. They post a lot of informative blogs about how some games were made as well as techniques that you should be using. I personally follow Gamasutra on Twitter to see what they are blogging about. One of the more recent blogs is about signing up for a free webinar on protecting your games from DDoS attacks and how to fight back. The speaker has 5+ years of experience in web application security. The seminar essentially will:

Join this webinar to learn more about these attacks and what you can do to protect your infrastructure. We will cover:

  • Understanding the DDoS threat landscape
  • Learning who is behind the DDoS attacks
  • Knowing what makes online gaming servers vulnerable
  • Discovering strategies to combat DDoS attack

Some of my favorite posts on Gamasutra involve techniques and recommendations for m people who are in the industry. Such as their blog about 4 Habits for a Level Designer. Another awesome thing that Gamasutra writes about is updates for conferences. GDC announced that there will be a panel at this upcoming years conference about getting Game Writing advice from a writer from the Dragon Age series.

Now I'm sure you can see how this site helps you as a student, but what about beyond college?

Gamasutra posts job openings for all kinds of positions. If I were to search for a game art position, I would come up with a couple different results. The website offers what the job entails, the company who is looking, as well as what is required for the job, and of course where to apply. This is a great site to check so add it to your list of websites to frequently check if looking for a job!

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