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Here at UAT we try and maintain a fun and active atmosphere on campus, but this can be fairly difficult during finals times when stress levels tend to run higher than normal.  So, to get our students outside and try to alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with finals, we decided to hold an end of semester carnival.  This is something that Student Government has done in the past, but it is the first time that I've been able to go to one myself.  As a new member of Student Government I got to help run the carnival as well as attend it, and I must say I had a blast.

Things kicked off at around one, with people eagerly waiting their turn to go on one of the two inflatable attractions we had rented.  We had a large slide that people could race each other down, as well as a combination bungee race and  gladiator challenge.  In addition to the inflatables, we also had karaoke that our school's glee club set up and run, a ticket booth where students could exchange tickets they had won for prizes, and a cotton candy machine which I learned to help run.

Over the course of the day we had a lot of students come out and participate, and it really was a good break from our normal study habits.  People were outside having fun and eating cotton candy instead of inside, stuck behind a computer studying all day. Even some teachers got in on the end of semester fun and could be seen outside with their students.  Events like this serve as a good reminder to students and staff alike that it's just no good to work all day without doing anything fun.

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