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Recently I joined the development team working under mentorship from Retora Games on the Flub Fighter game. I have joined as an effects artist, so basically I get to make all the particle effects. This was a super exciting opportunity for me because I get all the particle effects to myself. Currently though, I do have Mike Densmore drawing up the textures since we had a tight deadline and I had to familiarize myself with Unity's Shuriken system. I created a total of 10 particle effects in about 2 weeks. Below is a video of the build we submitted to the IGF competition:

If you noticed the "flub" that comes off when you get hit, the "flub" when you die, the explosion, spawning, and charging rings, that's the stuff I did. Not everything I created made it into this build. There's five more effects I created that either weren't shown in the video or didn't make it in.

I do think I found something I would love to do in the industry. Particle effects are so fun and there's so much you can do with them. There's a whole list of effects I need to finish for the Flub Fighter game and I can't wait to do them.


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