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As this semester is starting to come to an end, finals are being started. This semester I enrolled in the special topic English course Game of Thrones. I've been a big fan of the Game of Thrones series for awhile so I had to sign up for this class when I found out about it. It's mainly discussions between the class about the books. I'm actually surprised on how much I've learned about the series as well as some of the literature aspects of it. Getting others opinions on characters, politics, and scenes has taught me a lot about how this book was written and some of the themes.

The final for this class is to create, draw, program or just do something relevant to the series. My friend, Leighan, and I decided earlier on in the semester that we wanted to 3D print one of the valyrian swords from the series. After a lot of looking into the tv series and reading about how the swords look we chose to do Longclaw. This sword was given to Jon Snow by Jeor Mormont (Lord Commander of the Nights Watch) early on in the series. What makes this sword unique to Jon is the Wolf head pommel. We started in 3ds Max by modeling the pommel, grip, guard, and sword separately. After we finished modeling everything we asked Cody Fischer for some help with printing it. Neither Leighan or I have ever 3D printed anything before. After a lot of editing we were finally able to print the sword out. Since it was out first time printing we had a couple of errors with getting everything to fit together. We were able to use not only the robotics lab but also the makers studio that we have on campus to help us edit the pieces to make it fit together. Now on our final processes of putting everything together we are currently painting the sword and super gluing it together. By the end of the week we should have a miniature version of Jon Snow's sword Longclaw.

This project just shows how useful each of the rooms we have here on campus is to everyone and not just to people of certain majors. :D

That's all for now!


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