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Hello! I’m Dominick Kane, a Game Design major and Student ambassador here at the University of Advancing Technology. Semester’s here at UAT are fun, exciting, and full of energy and life. At UAT, we do attend courses year-round, but we also have semester breaks that are usually a week or so to unwind and go back home to see family. It’s just as exciting over the break because I have more time to enjoy the things that I personally like to do. Even though it’s not as loud as when school is going on, there are still a lot things happening here even when most of the students have went home for break. Here’s a list of some of the activities that happen over the break:

UAT Campus

Updating Technologies

We got a bunch of new programs that we will be able to use in the upcoming Fall semester like substance painter and some other art programs which is really exciting. Also, the university just obtained some new office equipment that we can use like some plush chairs, tables, and monitors. Even know that most of our students are away,  many of our clubs still go on. One example of that is the soccer clubs, which I am a part of. We played our first game of the new season for a co-ed league. Our team also includes some of our staff members because we’re on big UAT family here. Most clubs here usually staff members join them and participate in the events that the clubs which I think is amazing.

Fun Activities

I also like to play soccer recreationally. I have been playing for about 14 years now and I just really like playing sports, plus it’s a fun active to do. it is also very popular out in Arizona, there are a lot of leagues out here. I’m in 4 leagues right now and play 5 nights a week, which pretty intense but extremely gratifying. Another thing that happened over this break is that I joined a gym because I have a lot more time to more time to dedicate to fitness

Fitness Center

Moving into an Apartment

After living in the dorms for my first year, I also moved into my apartment over the break and live close to campus. A lot of UAT students live off of campus as well so it’s fun having a small community away from campus. It’s going to be scary, but I’m excited to live on my own.

I’m ready for the semester to begin, but until then I’ll keep playing soccer, moving my clothes, and looking at all of the new technology that our staff has brought to us.

Moving In

Posted on Aug 25, 2016 3:07:47 PM by Dominick Kane in Blogs

Dominick Kane

Written by Dominick Kane

IT Specialist at University of Advancing Technology, majoring in Game Design and Art & Animation.


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