Finally a year

Hello everyone!

The start of this semester marks my first year here at UAT. It has all gone by so fast! It's hard to believe how much I've learned and experienced over these last three semesters. I came into UAT pretty much knowing nothing about my degree and with only fine arts experience, and now, after three semesters I am confident in my abilities with the programs I've learned. I've also determined what my strengths and weaknesses are. I'm excited to keep pushing myself for the rest of my time here to get better and hone my talents. :)

On another note. This is the first week of classes! I've taken a smaller load of classes this semester due to my internship. The classes I'm taking are: Communications in Technology, Senior Innovation Project 1, Game Texturing, and Anatomy for the Artist. I'm super excited for this semester, despite how busy I'll be.

That's all this week


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