Final Fantasy XV

Whats up all my dudes and dudettes! So for the last couple days I've been playing Final Fantasy XV and I have to say I'm really enjoying the game. I've been waiting over a decade for this game and it's really making me feel like it was worth the wait. This is really going to be just a little review about the game. I might make this a multi part blog, but we'll see.


So the game starts out on a really epic scene with you jumping almost right into combat. The combat can feel a little jarring at first, but once you get use to it it's super easy. I really like how they went for more of a real time combat system and are starting to go away from the turn based system that Final Fantasy has been used all these years. It's like a breath of fresh air :)


Next to the combat as well is the open world that this game gives you. You really feel like there are no limits on what you can do in the game or where you can go. The random encounters with the different monsters are extremely well done and you feel a sense of achievement when you beat them. I've had random packs of these monster be harder then some final bosses in past games I've played.

You know what I think I will make this a multi part blog. So tune in next week for more.

Posted on Dec 2, 2016 5:08:23 PM by Edward Cieslak in Blogs

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