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This semester in Digital Video, I am working with several other students to create short film that is not usually what UAT students normally create. My team of directors and I put together a script last term and are preparing to film the project within the current semester. Our project is called The Composer and incorporates live action combined with animation.

A depressed musician needs inspiration to complete a piece of music. Through his frustration, the composer is transported into his work where he embarks on an adventure with an eighth note. The beginning of the film will be live action and then it will switch into an animated world, but the main actor will remain as a live action character.

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) has agreed to allow our team to use their auditorium as a  set. The staff was very accommodating as we toured the museum and seemed to be just as excited to partner with us as we are with them. The location is beautiful and perfect for our vision. Other than that we will be filming in the green screen room at UAT.

There are just a few more details that we need to take care of and the filming will take place in no time. I am really excited to start the production part of the project. This semester will be extremely busy, but I am still looking forward to it.

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