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What's up all my dudes and dudettes! Looks like this week we're talking about Cyber security this week and what I want to touch on is how the Pentagon implements

As most people know Cyber security is a rather big issue in today's world. So many people are afraid of having their info hacked and stolen. The Pentagon though has taken priorities in the past to make sure that their employees are prepared to protect against attacks. One of the things they do is have a "red team" try to hack into their systems and take control of different things. This is all just a mock enemy, but this exercise is used to see what holes need to be fixed.Image result for cyber security

We do something similar here at UAT with our Network Security course. We have a red team and a blue team that will defend and hack vs each other going back and forth. This like with the Pentagon can be used as a teaching moment so that individuals can see what they need to fix.

The thing with the Pentagon is though that they haven't really improved to much when it comes to defending against cyber attacks. While they do have these fake hack training's to help with bolstering security, they haven't really changed the way they defend against it. This can at times leave holes in the system and make it easier for foreign countries to get sensitive info. Hopefully in the future better defenses are implemented.

We here at UAT though are always looking to improve the way we defend against cyber threats. Hopefully any of you that are reading this can make it down to our open house on Tuesday, October 25th on Cyber Security to see just how much we care about this issue:)


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