Common mistakes while training

Training whether it is for an obstacle race or just trying to be healthier in general has some common mistakes that often goes on for long times without fixes. These are some that I found online while I also experience while I have been working out.

-The first on that I found and is more common than you expect is; not learning proper technique. Now this is a broad saying but it involves almost any bit of exercises that you are doing. Not learning the proper technique can lead to injury which will put you out of training time and no one wants that. There is however down to not learning the proper technique, you see the technique was engineer in the first place to help the individual with getting the most out of it. So by not doing the technique out you are not only cheating the rep but you are also cheating yourself.

-STRETCHING, please for the love of god stretch. This almost goes without saying the benefits of stretching, not only you feel so much better after it but it helps with the prevention of injury and improve muscle soreness recovery. I personally do stretches before and after I do my workouts.

-Following up from what I just mentioned just above, WARMING UP. Warming up will get your body and mind in a state that you are ready to set a new personal record. There is also not only physical warming up but also mental warming up. For the Spartan race it is an event meant to not only test the physical but also the mental strength of the individual, so like the saying goes "Get your head in the game!"

-Hydrate, now I have mentioned this before in previous posts but let me say it again, HYDRATE. Your body is mostly made of water so keeping it and recovering the fluids is very important and probably more while you are working out. There is also a proper way to drink water. Don't guzzle down all at once, you will only make yourself sick. Instead sip it throughout the day. The amount recommended is six to eight cups of water a day and that is the MINIMUM. You should at least drink twice that if you are active, for example I live in Arizona and the heat is ridiculous right now always hitting high 90's to easily going triple digits. Not only it will help you survive being hydrate will also keep you on your best performance when that moment is needed.

-Another workout mistake is a big one and almost no one realize it, for me it took me like six months after I started lifting to see what I was going wrong. Now this is more oriented towards cardio work, however the principle behind it can be applied to almost all physical areas. Steady-state, for those who don't know its basically doing an exercise at the same pace. This is great if you want to stay at an area of fitness, but honestly most of us wants to be thinner, muscular, etc. The problem with steady-state is that it won't push your body to the next level. So instead I recommend the method that has been around for a very long time and that I do it myself called HIIT, also known as high Intensity interval training. This method is to basically use high burst of energy whitin the workout. There is a lot more benefits to this but I won't go into it because this post is getting long so you guys are probably sick of hearing me right now.

So with that I will say peace out and have a great day, Alex.

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