Burnt Out

No matter where you go to school, what you do for work, or even what you do for fun, I think most people can understand what it means to feel burnt out.  You don't feel like going anywhere to doing anything and even if you try all the seems to be left of your mind seems to be a smoking crater.  I had that moment not to long ago, and the realization came about when I was reading one of my own books only to realize I had been staring at the page for 10 minutes not actually reading anything.  I had just been staring at the page and not once did my brain ever register that something was amiss.

Really though the worst part is that because you're burnt out you can't even come up with ideas on how to fix it.  It's like moving through a haze with no real direction.    Personally I find that the easiest way to let go of that feeling is to simply do something that you don't normally do.  Let your friends drag you to something or attend an event that you otherwise wouldn't really consider attending.  When you feel burnt out it's really easy to just feel like you don't want to go anywhere or do anything even if they're things you generally enjoy.

Last Friday for example, the school was having a Monte Carlo Night.  It was a night when people would dress up in nice cloths, enjoy food, drink, card games, roulette and other games.  It was something that I had seen around the school and was interested in at one point in time but the last few weeks had been so much work I just felt like I was done.  On top of that, we had the Discovery Expo (DEX) for a bunch of people who were interested in coming to school here so I had been working all day.  So that night I was in my room, just making what would have been dinner for the night when my girlfriend called to ask if I wanted to go to Monte Carlo Night.  Despite the fact that there were fliers and stuff for the event everywhere, I was so burnt out I had simply forgotten about it.  Regardless though, I wasn't particularly into the idea of going to the event because it meant I would have to dress up which isn't something I enjoy.  But she really wanted to go and she talked me into it and quite frankly I had an awesome time.  I played a lot of Blackjack, ate a bunch of food, hung out with friends, and just lounged about enjoying the atmosphere.  By the end of the night I actually won the chip count, so I won a $50 gift card which was just really icing on top of the cake.  After all was said and done I actually felt a lot better than I had.

When you get into a funk like that, it's very easy to simply just try and let the world pass you by until you come out of it.  But most of the time you are much better off if you just get up and try and do something about it.  I was lucky I had a wonderful girlfriend to talk me into going to Monte Carlo Night.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to do what you THINK you don't want too.

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