Benefit of the Doubt

One thing that tends to happen on the internet all the time is just the spamming of pure, unfiltered hate.  I understand that people get mad and that they need to vent but people most of the time need to chill out.  Right now for instance, there is quite a lot of hate swirling around the re-release of Batman Arkham Knight for the PC.  As someone who plays on PC most of the time I understand the frustration.  I was also looking forward to playing the game on PC before finding out the game was a huge mess.  I even find myself frustrated by the re-release for many reasons none of which I'm going to go into here.  However, despite all of this frustration I still don't find that to be a sufficient reason to take leave of my senses and just blindly follow hateful bellows of the crowd over every little thing.  So as the day marches forward, we have a new situation developing and let me explain:

When Arkham Knight was first released, understandably people were mad and I would definitely say were even justified in destroying the game via the games reviews in the Steam Store.  Even people with the very best hardware available were getting extremely poor performance out of the game.  The new situation with Arkham Knight is centered around these reviews from the game's original launch.  What has happened is that now that the game has been re-released all of those reviews are being flagged as "Pre-Release" reviews which is misleading to say the least.  It makes it seem as though these reviews were written by people who couldn't possibly know anything about the game because "Pre-Release" implies they hadn't had the opportunity to play it yet.  In short, this is not OK.  There are people right now who seem to be taking this as a calculated move by WB/Rocksteady to try and negate the older reviews of the game.  It reeks of a foul manipulation, that frankly is just pathetic.

Older Reviews

However, with that being said I still think WB/Rocksteady deserve the benefit of the doubt.  I would say there is a good chance that the system is automated and when the date was switched to "October 28, 2015" from it's original date the system went through and flagged all those reviews as pre-release because that's what it's supposed to do.  Even if they caught this issue right away there is probably a little bit of debate over what exactly to call it: "Pre-Re-Release?"  "Pre-Patch?"  And then you need to know exactly how the system will handle that change since it's handling a wide selection of other games as well.  Anger has it's place in the world, but that's never a good reason to just leave logic and good sense at the door.

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