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Hello hello hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog. This time around we are talking something completely different than me doing some sort of training for the race which is just under three weeks left to go. So from the title of the post you guys are probably wondering what is W00tstock well you see W00tstock is a once a year show that happens dawn of the big daddy of comicons AKA San Diego Comic-Con.

The show itself just ran its sixth year and is hosted by four figures that some of you will know right off the bat. First is Adam Savage from the popular show called mythbusters. We then have Will Wheaton who most of you guys will know him from Star Trek or on youtube with Geek and Sundry. Finally the last host are by the geeky musical duo of Paul and Storm. Myself and friend Jace Oppie who is an UAT alumni of other people including my professor Paul DeNigris were fortunate enough to go back for the third time to record the show.

We have already uploaded part of the show on our UATDV youtube channel;

there you will fine the parts that we have already uploaded and more parts that are to come. Not only that you can also see past years that we have recorded on there too.

With that I end this blog as finals are looming over so talk to you guys later!

Signing off....Myagi

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