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Hello all! So far this semester has been a huge success and blast, I'm very excited. So far this semester I have been pumping out art one of the newer things I modeled was stylized I took a inspiration from Rachet and Clank, this being one of my favorite game series when I was a child. I think overall it turned out great! I even finished in about a day so all I have to do now is texture and then I can put it on my portfolio. I think this is great just because its a break from anything else I modeled and I was able to learn a new style that I haven't yet. I think overall the design looks great if anything I might need to add something more on the main engine part but other then that , everything really turned out the way I wanted it too. I think the hardest part was the pipes connecting the main part of the saw and the blades , which was funny because that part took me a solid 5 minutes to figure it out.16299877_1520763877951401_8505189218340975555_o




Another one of my project is a Thompson this is not only one of my favorite guns but I also plan to make this sci fi by adding plasma and fuel cannons on this that way I have to iterations of both. For this I tired to be as accurate as I could and then for my sci fi version I can just completely do whatever I want with it. I think the best part of this semester is how much time I have to model usually waht happens is after classes and when everything settles that's when I get to model usually about 6 to 12.


Posted on Jan 31, 2017 9:43:20 AM by Jacob Turocy in Blogs

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