Most Anticipated Games of 2016


Happy New Year! It's that time of the year where you'll be seeing tons of "Most Anticipated Games of the Year" posts on almost every gaming news website. I thought I might join in this fun and post the games that I am most excited about this upcoming year.

#10: the World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy World

When this game was announced it reminded me of an action adventure mix between Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Dissidia. Taking the art style of Theatrhythm and mixing it with the intent from Dissida is a great idea. Getting to play as two new main characters and go through a story to meet and play/fight with some of the main characters from the Final Fantasy series will always attract me.

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#9: Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast legends

My inner super nerd is very excited for this game. Over the past year I have been playing D&D with some of my friends and have become quite a fan of it. I have had my hand at being a GM and a measly player. When I heard about this game I was so excited for a new way to play D&D. This game allows the players to play directly with the DM in game. This game is being created by those who actually create the D&D editions and rules. I'm excited to both GM and to play in the dungeons and stories created in this game.

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#8: Kingdom Hearts Final Chapter Prologue 2.8

Kingdom of Hearts Final Chapter

Yes this is a real game that's coming out. I can't tell you why I'm excited for this game other than it's one step closer to Kingdom Hearts 3

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#7: The Legend of Zelda (WiiU)

Legend of Zelda

So I have recently gotten into the Legend of Zelda series and I'm looking forward to this game because I've always wanted to see and play Link in a more realistic game. I've seen some of the concepts for this game and am looking forward to it. I'm always down for playing a new Zelda Game.

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#6: Bravely Second

Bravely Second

So I still haven't finished the first game.....BUT! I know once I do, I will have to get this game. From what my roommate and fellow coworker, Nick, tells me, the ending of the first one is a major cliffhanger that gives you a lot of feels and makes you even more excited for the second game.

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#5: Battleborn


I usually stay away from anything and everything MOBA but going to the Playstation Experience really made me look forward to a couple upcoming MOBA games. I will probably only be able to play this game for limited amounts of time due to the first person nature of this game giving me motion sickness, but I will definitely play it. the characters and gameplay look very fun and energetic.

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#4: Horizon Zero Dawn


As soon as I saw the trailer for this game I knew I wanted it. The concept of this game looks amazing and looks like something new.

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#3: Paragon (Beta)

Sparrow Reveal

This is another MOBA that I am excited  excited for. I love the fantasy feel of this game as well as the realistic style of it. I think this will be a beautiful game to play or watch.

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#2: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


I have been waiting for this game since I finished the 3rd Uncharted game. Every game in this series gets better and better. I've always been a huge fan of Naughty Dog ever since I was a kid and almost every game they come out with amazes me more and more.

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#1: Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV has been in development for almost 10 years. 10 years! The company has been very indecisive about how they wanted this game to turn out. Back in 2006 this wasn't even called Final Fantasy XV, instead it was Final Fantasy Verses XII. Now, almost 10 years later, the game is completed and all what is left is the de-bugging. The demo that came out with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD had such good feedback that everyone is excited for this game. It's graphics look top of the line, there seems to be plenty of open world, and even the story has been edited multiple times to make it sound amazing. I have been waiting since Verses XII was announced for this game to come out and I can say I am more than excited to see it's release and play it for hours on end.

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That's all for today!


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