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As I'm sure you've heard (if not seen) E3 was last week's popular topic. Now that the dust has figuratively settled it's nice to be able to check out all the games that have been announced. Personally the announcement of The Rise of Tomb Raider and the trailer for Uncharted 4 were the best things for me. Since I missed a couple of the conferences I thought it was really cool that IGN posted a list of every single game that was announced and who announced it. You can find that list here . I think overall, there were a whole bunch of cool games. Since all of the consoles were released within the past year or so, I really enjoyed seeing mostly games presented. One thing to spotlight on for a moment during Microsoft's conference was their indie segment where a game made by UAT students was shown (Grave). This was a game that I actually played the week before at Phoenix Comic-Con.  I always look forward to seeing the indie games getting some air time and it was really cool to see something from this school being shown. I know I'm definitely going to be saving for quite a few of the new games.

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