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We're rounding week 5 of the Fall term here at UAT, and there are already a lot of upcoming events, whether they be club based, or even moving towards events later on through the month!

The Pokemon Battle Circuit is one of the brand new clubs of this semester, ran by yours truly! And we'll be beginning our Pokemon based extravaganza here on Friday! Basically what it is that we're running is the Pokemon Battle Circuit, where competitive battling comes back with a new face, so you'll be able to battle for fun and meet some fellow Pokemon fans!

Other than that, Humans Versus Zombies (HVZ) is right around the corner as well, where it is our yearly time to run around the school and attack fellow students with the arsenal of nerf darts we have been saving up! Last semester was the first time in a while that the Humans have won, so all we have to do is keep this going!

The Tech Trek Discovery Expo is also coming up in November, so we'll be able to see all kinds of new students come in through! It's always a fantastic time to see potential students, and also show off different opportunities such as through the Tech Forum or the Career Fair! As we have internships being mandatory for students to graduate, these are a fantastic way to try and find potential positions and the like!

There will only be more as time goes on, but they're still fantastic to say the least!

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