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Hello Internet folks!  My name is Cayce, and I'm one of the three new student ambassadors that started work at the school last semester.  I know I should have made this post sooner, but I took the two week break between semesters off, and in that time I somehow managed to forget my password.  But that's all in the past now!  So get ready to see many more posts from me in the future.  But before we look to the future, how about I introduce myself?

Like I said before, my name is Cayce (pronounced like Casey).  That's actually my last name, but it's what I go by, and it's what everyone here has taken to calling me.  I started school at UAT just last semester as an advancing computer science major.  Over the break I decided that programming just wasn't for me, and I ended up switching majors.  I'm now taking classes for a network security degree and I am loving it.  It may just be my first semester in the program, but I'm already learning so much and meeting some great people.

Let's see, what else can I say about myself?  I live in Founder's Hall here on campus, it's a really fun place to be.  I'm also secretary for UAT's Glee club.  We meet every Thursday and Friday at 8:30 and soon we're going to start filming our own mini series based on life here at UAT.  I know I'm still new at this school, but I absolutely love the people I've met and the things I've learned so far.  I'm very hopeful that this semester can be even better than the last.

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