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My name is Robert John Pratt, I go by John, and I'm a new SA here at the UAT.  I just moved to Arizona at the end of August of 2013 so I'm still getting used to the area.  I came from State College which is right in the center of PA, or you might better know it as Penn State.  I'll refrain from actually commenting on Penn State itself, since anything I have to say about it would be... lets just say less than nice.

Growing up I played anything I could get my hands on, and loved every second of it.  The worlds that were created in these games were just fascinating to me in every regard.  The worlds, the music, the gameplay, and so much more always wove together so flawless in the really good games.  Even playing the bad games though weren't a total waste since they were almost like blueprints of what NOT to do.  Since coming to UAT, my passion for creating games has only grown.

Below I'm putting up a couple of links.  The first is a great example of how you can thoroughly break a game if you understand some of the programming of the game.  It's a speed run of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  The second link are just stories from game testers.  Most of them are hysterical, and others just contain some valuable information about the game industry itself.  It's certainly a very rough industry, but highly rewarding.

Zelda Speed Run

In The Trenches

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