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For a while now, the UAT Greenlight Jam has been going on. This is a special game jam where we work on the same project for a couple of weekends and polish it further. The idea behind this is that students will have a more polished game that they can pitch at the Greenlight Presentation. What does it mean when a game wins that presentation here at UAT? It gets a whole class dedicated to working on it.

I jumped on my friend's SIP, which he jumped in the Greenlight Jam with this weekend. His project is called Unlearn Your Gaming. It's a simple game that we are putting together that takes all the normal ideas of games and turns them upside down. Used to moving with the joystick? Attacking with the face buttons? Think eating that apple on the ground will replenish your health? Death means game over? Well, guess what. In Unlearn Your Gaming, you move with the face buttons, attack with the joystick, and jump with the bumper. Food on the ground is not going to be healthy for you; it's gross! Death usually means that you lost the game and have to start over, but that's not the case with this game. Death will be a way to progress, or at least take a different path.

I am doing art for this project, and the other two members of the team are the designers. We've gotten far for the time we've worked on it so far. We have a terrain with a character sprite and the movement and jump works. We're using Unity 2D, since the game is going to be 2D, and the art style will be similar to Golden Sun or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Here is the main character:


Unlearn Your Gaming 1 The side view of the main character. The sprite sheet is in the works.



Unlearn Your Gaming 2 The sprite sheet for the front view of the main character



Unlearn Your Gaming The sprite sheet for the back view of the main character.




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