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I wanted to take some time and explain a very important aspect of UAT. Part of our mission statement is Innovate. Students here have to work on a Student Innovation Project, or SIP while they are here. It also needs to be completed which means that you need to make sure it's not too big. It also needs to be innovative. Innovation does not necessarily mean inventing something, but it is a new change to an object or the process for making it.

I am currently on 2 SIPs right now. One is Booty Bandits and the other is Tension, both of which I have talked about before. These are group projects that are working to create a game. However, I also wanted to quickly talk about the SIP that I am going to be working on by myself. I want to create a program that will take already made textures and turn them into the stippling or pointillism style of art. This way you could have 2D or 3D games be in that style. It would also allow particle effects to be used for when you interact with the objects. For instance, if you were to kill an enemy, they could fall into dots or explode into dots. Or if you were to interact with water, the dots would part from each other. Look for this in the next year since I have to complete this before I graduate.

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