Creating My First Game

So before coming to this school I had created some other games before, however this past week I created what I would call my first video game.  I needed to create it for my mid-term in one of my classes and didn't have a lot of time to make it.  The time crunch though is pretty common in the game industry so I suppose it's something I should get used too.  Anyway, it's nothing particularly special, it's just a top down shooter that tasks you with piloting a Narwhal through space as he fights the evil forces of The Water God with his Laser of Narwhallen Defiance.  I programmed it all in Flash which was a bit of heavy task for two reasons in particular:  1.  I've never programmed anything in Flash before and 2.  I was essentially the only programmer which is quite frankly a lot of work even for a game this small.

The best thing about it though is that it never really felt like a chore.  I mean it felt like work because it was, but it was never anything that I resented.  Doing the work felt good, and in a way made me feel better about a future in the games industry.  When it comes to creating games you often hear the following phrase:  "If you like playing games, then you will probably hate making them."  Which can be a fairly discouraging thing to hear, since I imagine that most people who want to create games are in fact gamers by nature.  Really though, I think as long as you know what to expect and are willing to do the work it really will be something you love just as much as gaming itself.  Even though what I created was pretty small and has some flaws, I love it because its something I actually created and I can use that experience to create something even better in the future.

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