So the third week of classes are about to start and I have to say, I am really enjoying all of my classes. I have Astronomy, Yoga, Game Testing, Game Scripting, Production Studio, Student Innovation Project, and The Design Process. Astronomy is pretty straightforward, but I've never had an astronomy class before. The closest I've had was the beginning of physics. It's an interesting class that keeps me entertained. Yoga is fun and very relaxing. I've also never done yoga, but you cover the very basics and even go into the philosophy and teachings of yoga.

Game testing will probably be tedious. Testing games itself is tedious, but at least with this class we have some choice on what we will be testing, at least for a little while. Game scripting is a class that I am very excited about. I've already starting scripting a tool in Lua to generate random textures on an object. For example, a rock will have a different rock texture on it every time it gets loaded. I get tired of looking at the same environments in games, so I wanted to help change it up.

The Production Studio class is there for working on Booty Bandits. We haven't started work yet, but by the end of the semester we should have a good chunk of that game done. The Student Innovation Project class is there to develop ideas for the Student Innovation project. I'll go over mine in detail another time. And finally, we have the Design Process. This class is running for the first time ever this semester, so we're basically helping to create the curriculum for it. We have lots of materials to work with to create new products. We're also going over how people relate to items and machinery so that we can best design something that everyone can use. It's going to be a really fun semester.


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