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Just some friendly competition.....THIS IS WAR!!!!!

    As McConaughey would say Alright alright alright, so our HR department just sent an email about the 2nd Spring into Summer Contest. This is a friendly competition between employees here at UAT to see who can be the fittest in the next few of months. Right now I am weighing at a plump 210 pounds and after the zombie run app and other cardiac and upper body workouts I will be able to bring it down to 190. This is also further incentive for me to keep exercising and get ready for the Spartan Races.

    Now honestly what is the point of working out and exercising it is so much easier to just sit at a desk and watch Netflix (I would honestly rather do that). Well here the thing about exercising there is actually a lot of benefit beside the obvious of looking good. So let me break it down;

    First of all working out gets you HIGH; that is right I said it. You see when exercising your body release endorphin's that makes you feel overall good. Now to be fair not everyone can get high as everyone that is different but the overall benefit is that you will better overall.

    Now there is also some long term benefits of exercising as we get older obviously our body start to degenerate and one thing that we hate and we can all agree is the cost of pain meds, pills, etc.. Now let me give you an example and how you can save some money by exercising. For example imagine you are in your mid-twenties and you work your core and have abs. Now short term result you look great and boost your confidence but on long term having a good core provides back support which later can save you from back pains and the meds that comes along with it. So boom shaka laka, so go out there and do something, unless you don't want to. Im not your mom, its your life.

    Signing off ......Myagi

    Posted on Apr 21, 2014 9:21:23 AM by admin in Student Life


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