The Wasteland Returns

The Fallout 4 was just actually announced and the world is on fire!  After the world finally seemed to settle down after the chaos last year that was the Survivor 2299 website prank the announcement is finally here.  Fallout 3 was an all around brilliant game, that I actually just played through again pretty recently.  Even though I had spent weeks running around The Capital Wasteland the first time, there was still plenty to do another time around that I didn’t even get remotely close to bored.  There was so much love and care put into that game it was difficult not to fall in love.  I’m hoping for some more Three Dog in this game which would be awesome.  It’s not something that really impacts the core gameplay at all but it was one of the little things that really made Fallout 3 incredible.  With really large games it’s sometimes the smallest details that you add to a game that push the game from good->great.  Now the only issue is will I have time to play it?