Geeky Sweets

Hello All,

If you’ve read my last post about being a healthy college student you may have watched the cooking mama video I put in there. Ever since I posted that blog I’ve been watching some pretty awesome geeky and nerdy cooking tutorials. Now I’m not a good baker or cook but I really want to try some of these! I’ll post my favorites below.

From cupcakes to cookies there are a whole bunch of nerdy treats out there that are actually pretty simple to create. Most of the people who make these videos take into account your budget. I really like this about these videos cause they usually use ingredients that you probably have around your house, dorm room, or apartment.

Now they don’t just do sweets. They also do many different kinds of meals that you may have seen in the shows or games you love. When I was in high school my friend once bought a Game of Thrones Unofficial Cookbook. Inside was a whole selection of recipes seen in the Game of Thrones books and show. There are some pretty good meals or snacks you can find!

That’s all for today!