E3 2017 PlayStation



Hello!! and what a wonderful week with E3 showing off all the new games and some new projects that got revealed. For me PlayStation was on my radar most of the time during the expo. The biggest games I wanted to see more of was Spider-man, Days Gone, and The Last of Us Part 2. So the first slice of action I got to see was Days Gone , at E3 they showed more game play which was exciting to see to me since Last of Us I feel in love with post apocalyptic genre. This time the game play showed off more of this destroyed chaotic world. 


Then they showed off more Spider-man and we got to actually see live game play. This was important to me just because the Spider-man movie is coming out and the fact the Spider-man is my favorite superhero. I have to say that the combat reminds me of Batman Arkham Asylum, just smoother then the moment of truth seeing Spider-man free roam shooting the webslingers. They also have qiucktime events which just add even more flavor to the game. 


The next game that blew me away was Call of Duty WWII we got our first glimpse of multiplayer and I have to say it looks sick. The multiplayer reminds of World at War which was my favorite Call of Duty just because the campaign was awesome then they had the legendary Nazi Zombies. For me I think the newer CODS are just boring I love the old warfare I think that was the most intense kind of warfare plus movies that showcase this like Fury and Saving Private Ryan. We need more old school Call of Duty games.