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    It has been a long fun trip here at UAT but its finally time to graduate. Although it is super exciting that I am graduating it is quite daunting as well. After a stressful semester of getting my graduation requirements together I can finally look back at my hard work with gratification. Part of the graduation requirements besides having enough credits is turning in a Student Innovation Project and presenting your graduation portfolio to a panel of Professors. The Student Innovation Project is a project that students work on to up until their last semester that focuses on a central innovation. The important part is to have a prototype that can show off your innovation claim instead of a complete market ready product. Once you turn in your Student innovation product its time to show off your awesome portfolio you worked hard to complete this whole time at UAT. I was proud of my graduation portfolio but I have a lot of practicing that needs to get done so I can be ready to join the game industry. Once I graduate I am looking forward to doing art and applying to jobs.

    Here is a link to my portfolio to check out what I've done with my time here at UAT.


    Posted on Apr 29, 2014 2:13:40 PM by admin in Academics, in Student Innovation Project


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