A New Semester

As some may be aware, the summer semester, which is the current one, started on the 12th. I’m excited for this semester mainly because of my internship with Dorkatorium Games. But I also have 4 other classes that are pretty exciting. Well, they are exciting for me anyways.

I have C++ II, which is going to be challenging for me because I’m not that great at programming. But I am still very excited for the class. I know our first assignment is going to be making a custom string class.

I have 2 higher level art classes, Platform Integration and Advanced Character Rigging & Mocap. Platform Integration is just putting all of my art assets into a game engine. We are going to be learning some of Unreal 4, which is awesome. Advanced Character Rigging and Mocap is exactly what it says.

Then finally, I needed a social science class. So I have the history class The Civil War. I’m actually excited because the last time I learned about the Civil War was elementary school. The school did offer History of Asia, but I wasn’t so interested. It got a lot of enrolled students though.

This should be an awesome semester, if I don’t die of my project work.

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