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Final Semester at UAT

    It is the beginning of my last semester here at UAT and things have started quickly. I have many projects in progress and some that have rolled over from last semester. I finished an internship last semester but am still on the team to help the game get published. I also have a SIP project that needs to get finished in a couple of weeks so I can turn that in. one of the most exciting projects that I was working on and just recently finished is my Blizzard Character Contest submission. I started it in the end of last semester. I got all the modeling done, then needed to finish the texturing over the break. I got back to Arizona, had and still have a lot of projects that need to be owrked on but I managed to finalize the texture and pose of the character to it to a likeable state. I spent a lot of time on this character, maybe around 30 hours, and there seems to be always a way in which it can be improved. I decided to not kill myself and stress over all the details, so I wrapped it up and submitted it. I plan on making some revisions before I put it in my portfolio as a finalized model.

    wireframe front

    wireframe back


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