The Not So Standard Weekend at UAT

For any of you who have been keeping up with UAT news, you'd know that the Tech Trek Discovery Expo, Forum and Career Fair happened this past weekend, and needless to say, from the student perspective, it was fantastic! Our entire week had different events scattered throughout, such as talks from the NSA, workshops and talks from other members of the various industries, tables and events set about the commons for aspiring workers for various business, and we had our Tech Trek Discovery members on Saturday!

For anyone who has been thinking about doing the Tech Trek Discovery (Formerly the Fly-in Geek event), I highly recommend it! We have an entire weekend set aside for those who come from across the country to visit, and it's a blast to say the least! My friends and I had our own fly in group, and in total our numbers added up to around 14 people total, so it made for an amazing experience as in the past we were lucky to have 1 or 2 show up for our group, adding up to about 6 of us total. We ended up taking the group to the mall, and it was fantastic to say the least for both parties, as they got to see what the Tempe area around UAT was all about, along with having fun with various shenanigans that teenagers partake in when visiting the stores and areas in the mall and along the area. This led to a long night filled with Japanese Anime, video games and silly stories all around, and was absolutely fantastic!

Aside from the Tech Trek, yesterday marked the last day of the Renaissance Fair here in Arizona, and me and my friends were lucky enough to get a group together to be able to visit and spend our afternoon taking a blast to the past and eating massive turkey legs! If you ever find an event such as the Renaissance Fair around your area, I highly recommend the experience! You can find some highlights in my other blog entry here:

Swords, Goats and a Massive Turkey Leg for Lunch!

Overall, it was far from the usual weekend here at UAT, but it really gives light into what we do as students and what experiences we can have either on campus or off campus. Whether you're coming from far away, or live in the area, the UAT campus will definitely have something to do, whether it be our Game Jam, Nerf Warz, the Renaissance Fair, or great people (Students & Faculty Alike)!

-Nicholas "TAE"

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