Computer Science for High Schools? YES!!!

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For those of you who haven't caught on about what I'm studying as a student here at UAT, you should know that my majors of choice are Computer Science and Network Security. Simply put, I'm a programmer/software developer along with a security analyst/administrator.

Now the only reason I really mention this is that I'm all about programming and I really like hearing that kids are becoming more fluent in technology and are pushing the boundaries in learning the core of programming from an early age.

And today I found an article that really made my day!

Following a unanimous vote on the 24th of February of this year, the public school district of Chicago elevated Computer Science to a high school graduation requirement!

Now for some, this may seem like an awful thing, I mean, why add on more graduation requirements to a student? But from my perspective, I think that this is absolutely incredible and makes me very excited for what they will be able to accomplish once they're my age or younger!

From my high school experience, we had a couple classes on some basis of C++ and Java, but nothing that could really be elevated to a strong classroom environment. I had to learn a lot of what I know now through independent studying and through my experiences at college.

After I started attending college though, I've had the opportunity to see all kinds of programs in motion, like the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs, robotics competitions, and the Intel Code Day which allows for kids of all ages to come in and learn more about programming. And seeing this subject make it into the curriculum for the Chicago high schools is something that makes me so very happy!

What they're planning is to make Computer Science a core subject taught in schools where it will encourage students to work in technology and engineering sectors, and will provide strong critical thinking and analysis skills for use later in life as well. The demand for people strong in computing skills will only rise as our boom of technology continues to sweep us away, so it will only help if we can get more students interested from an early age!

STEM is a program that I wish was in session when I was younger so that I could reap the benefits and opportunity of, however it just makes me so immensely happy to see students getting involved in one of my passions from an early age. It will encourage more critical thinkers and bolster a new generation of people fluent in programming & computing sectors.

If you all want to read more about it, check out the links below!

Chicago School Board Elevates Computer Science to Graduation Requirement

Until next time,

-Nicholas "TAE"

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