Keeping The Momentum

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to have a short break in between semesters.  The con almost goes without saying: break feels short and its always nice to have that time to relax.  The pro on the other hand though, is that you feel like you keep your momentum while your actually in school.  You don't have to figure out what you've forgotten in the last month, or waste a bunch of time while the teacher has to reteach the same things.  You can just pick up and get moving, which is really how it's going to be when you get a real job in any field you go into... Except elementary through high school teachers I suppose.

Not only that but unlike many other places, there's still quite a bit going on during the summer.  Besides my classes I'm going to be trying to take part in an Unreal Engine 4 workshop that will be taking place which is really exciting!  Unreal is one of the most widely used engines in the industry and being able to learn the newest one just feels like an opportunity that is to amazing to pass up.

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