As some are aware, an internship is required to graduate from UAT. The cool thing (besides the fact that you actually do an internship and get industry experience) is that it's also part of the curriculum here. There's a class that you put on your schedule for it. Now for the class you have to do a weekly journal, but you still do the internship work.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, because I got an internship with Dorkatorium Games. They aren't too big right now, but they've got several projects under way. I'll be an environment artist for them for the summer semester. I am super excited! You should also check their Facebook page so that you can stay up to date with anything new they do.

I'll have to work from the school and meet over Skype with some other students here that also got an internship with them since they are located in Reno, Nevada. This isn't the case for all internships that you can get from UAT though. Some are located locally, or even in the school, so you can attend them in person. Others are out of state, but you can get housing paid for. Some are even out of the country! That's a great opportunity. And, some are even paid.

And speaking of out of the country, UAT also has a Study Abroad program that's about to take place as well as an exchange program. I would highly recommend looking into these as there are places you can go like France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and more! I'll tell you more about when I get more info on it.

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