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Wildstar 2nd Beta weekend and MOVING

    Hey guys and welcome back to the blog as you can see from the title above Wildstar just had its second Beta weekend. After reading my last blog I completely forgot to add some details about my character from the game. Well his name is DinhDinh and he is an engineer Chua.

    First lets go over the Chua, they can be basically describe fur balls of destruction here is a link about them:


    What would go perfectly with a tiny fall of distruction well duh, MECH SUITS !!! Here below is the breakdown of the class and why it is a lot of fun.


    Well back to the weekend, so back from I left off last time I became a level 10 Engineer and I got to try a few things including PVP which is a load of fun and much more challenging then your typical fights from other MMO's at least from my experience. I also got to reach lvl 14 where I can purchase my first house which you can customize it up the waazoo (I know not a real word, I think?). Which is a lot of fun because all the models use for customization has collision onto it which you can make some pretty fun platformers (which I highly recommend it). If you guys want more info about the housing part of the game here is the link below;


    While on the subject of moving I also moved this weekend, so I am super tired.

    So good day and nap time....

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