IT… We All Float to the Theater (SPOILERS)


I saved the date Sept. 8, to my calendar. I knew that this movie was going to be my most anticipated movie of the year. When I watched the first trailer with Digital Video alumni Killian Davies, it sent chills down my back during almost every scene. One of things that stuck out to me was the cinematography of the film, how they used Dutch angles and even the sound design to match up with the shots. Obviously in horror sounds are strategically placed to build tension, create fear, and scare the hell out of you. The marketing was one of the greatest parts of the film. IT was everywhere every time I would log on Facebook, I would see something about the movie, whether that was a countdown, another trailer or set photos of Pennywise the Clown. For me the original IT holds a special place in my heart along with every other classic horror film. The cast in the 2017 version seemed more like a group of friends compared to the 1990’s version.

I was barely able to hold it together once I got to the theater. I was so excited that IT was finally here! Unfortunately, our seats were taken by another couple and I was uphappy about this because I had waited so long to see this movie. So, we had our times switched to a later showing.


Within the first 10 minutes, Georgie is seen talking with Pennywise in the storm drain and he goes to reach his hand in the drain and what happened next will be forever stuck in my brain. We see Pennywise open his mouth to a full row of sharp teeth that sunk into Georgie’s arm and then he falls backwards and we see an angle above the drain with Georgie and the audience views a white hand reach out from the drain and then Georgie gets slowly dragged into the drain leaving a pool of blood. Just the sheer brutality of this scene is a line that most directors won’t cross. I knew after seeing this that the movie would deliver, and IT sure did. I thought overall the movie was amazing despite what people said about it not being a horror movie, I think it’s much more than just a horror movie and that’s what it wanted to be. To me, it was a dark, warm-hearted, thriller, horror movie, I’m glad that it wasn’t just straight horror but more of mixture. My favorite scene in the whole movie is when the Losers first go inside Niebolt house. I could see a perfect mixture of thrill and horror plus seeing Skarsgård’s as Pennywise and not some CGI rendition was great.


My only complaints are I think the CGI might have been a bit overdone. I think seeing Skarsgård's as the clown was the best part. One of the best scenes was when he was eating the hand and waves it at Michael. His look when he smiled with the blood all over his face, was iconic.




Posted on Sep 28, 2017 4:24:06 PM by Jacob Turocy

Jacob Turocy

Written by Jacob Turocy

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