7 Reasons Why Communication In Technology is Essential

Here at UAT, nearly every class requires public speaking. Whether it's a small presentation for a science class or a major final presentation for your Student Innovation Project, public speaking pretty much dominates your school experience.

Public speaking

If you read that and thought "Awesome! I can't wait!" then I can guess that public speaking isn't a fear of yours. For everyone else that read it and cringed, we've got just the class for you: Communication in Technology (COM226). 

Here's why I believe that public speaking is so important:

1. Self confidence. Confidence is key in everything you do! Once you get used to speaking in public, your confidence will rise, inside and outside of the classroom.

2. Proper communication encourages innovation and the sharing of ideas.

3. UAT has a lot of team projects, you need to be able communicate with your teammates. Strong communication fosters teamwork and helps the team meet deadlines. 

4. Once you have an amazing end product, you will need to present it and pitch your end product to faculty, students and maybe even outside companies. One day, you'll have to pitch an idea to a CEO, or defend your reason for tweaking code, responding to a security incident or updating product design. 

5. Communication also promotes feedback and relationship building.

6. Businesses grow and thrive with proper communication. You need to communicate properly to gain new customers and keep old ones. Plus, everyone sends emails. 

7. In order to be successful in the real world, you will need to articulate yourself and your ideas. You can't hide behind a computer forever! Face time is invaluable. 

Posted on Jun 25, 2018 2:30:48 PM by Rocky Vargas

Rocky Vargas

Written by Rocky Vargas


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