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5 Reasons to Be a Conference Ambassador at Black Hat

Black Hat is one of the biggest information security events in the world. For the past 20 years, the world's leading cyber security researchers, practitioners, executives, venders, job seekers and students come together for a series of super informative briefings, trainings and networking events/

UAT has an exclusive arrangement with the Black Hat conference ambassador program. There are many reasons cyber security students should capitalize on this amazing opportunity.

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#1 Make Money

While you work at Black Hat, you can make money that can cover other expenses while in Las Vegas. The hotel cost is covered while you work for Black Hat.

#2 Check Out the Venders

While you are off shift, you can visit the conference hall and talk to different vendors. I particularly liked talking to the different startups and learning about the various innovations that they want to bring to the field of network security.

#3 Attend Talks

Certain talks are available to Black Hat conference ambassadors. Try to catch a few after your shift. Ask questions, and stick around to connect with the presenter. Then follow up on LinkedIn or over email. 

#4 Go to DEF CON for Free

DEF CON is a really cool convention meant for the general public. It has villages that focus on different subjects within the world of cyber security. There are also general talks that cover a variety of topics within network security.  

#5 Meet Cool People

Meeting people is the best reason to sign up as a conference ambassador at Black Hat. I talked to people from all over the world and in different parts of the industry. If you are a student who wants to build a network, Black Hat is a good place to start.

You can read a story about how my friend Gabe got a internship while coming back from Black Hat here.

Do you want to be a Black Hat conference ambassador? Check out the cyber security degree program at UAT.



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