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The Lovable Goofball We Call Gose

Posted on Apr 17, 2018 3:53:12 PM by Kevin Albregard in AI, in coding, in programming, in IoT, in video game programming, in science, in project-based curriculum, in python

Learning Python this semester has been one of the most engaging educational experiences of my life. Somehow, Professor Gose manages to teach Python—a basic programming language—in the most intuitive way. His lessons are less of a lecture and more of an immersive experience. He constantly engages students and tailors his lessons for different learning styles. That's why Introduction to Python is my favorite class.

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My Blog got Deleted

Posted on Apr 26, 2017 4:40:29 PM by Edward Cieslak in Blogs, in lit, in memes, in programming

What's up all my dudes and dudettes! So I had a blog all typed up, but it seems that it got deleted :cry: Oh well I guess I'll just have t re type it out then. So what I'm going to talk about is how lit this semester has been and just how much I got done in it. To tell ya'll the truth it got pretty tough at some points with homework and programming but I pushed through it and got it done!

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Programmer Confessions

Posted on Mar 4, 2017 1:24:51 PM by Gage Roland in algorithm, in interview, in code, in computer science degree, in programming

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Programmers in design

Posted on Jan 28, 2017 3:39:49 PM by Gage Roland in computer science, in computer science degree, in design, in Human-Computer Interaction Degree, in Human-Computer Interaction, in programming

After a few semesters of studying Advancing Computer Science here at UAT, I learned that there was more to computers and programming than just knowing languages like C++, Java, or Python. Programmers tend to forget that people will be seeing the end product, and while something can be mechanically successful, it also needs to be designed successfully. I started taking Human-Computer Interaction classes along with my Computer Science classes, and found the two programs to be highly compatible and almost necessary.

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Art + Programming?! Inconceivable!

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 10:13:11 AM by Admin in art, in Blogs, in Level Design, in design, in programming, in Set Design, in technical art, in UAT

Hello all!

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Computer Science for High Schools? YES!!!

Posted on Mar 7, 2016 1:11:16 PM by Admin in Advancing Computer Science, in Blogs, in computer science, in high school, in college, in graduation, in programming

Greetings and salutations everyone!

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My Journey to UAT

Posted on Feb 3, 2016 4:43:31 PM by Admin in best technology university, in Blogs, in game design degree, in Game Programming, in college visit, in Phoenix, in programming, in Scholarship, in technology, in technology school

My journey to UAT began a bit later than many. After high school I already had a job that paid pretty decently but after doing it for years I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. So I began searching for schools, with my chosen field of study: Game Design and Programming. Programming of course was pretty easy, but game degrees are still comparatively rare.

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Intro to Mobile App Development: Android Studio

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 3:11:15 PM by Admin in Academics, in Advancing Computer Science, in android, in Blogs, in computer science, in technology college, in android studio, in C#, in computer science degree, in Java, in programming

Greetings and salutations!

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Technology for the Next Generation

Posted on Nov 25, 2015 8:54:21 AM by Admin in Advancing Computer Science, in Blogs, in computer science, in game design degree, in Game Programming, in Microsoft, in minecraft, in Student Life, in technology college, in video games, in computer science degree, in Game Design, in Game Development, in programming, in Robotics Degree


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The Twitch Plays Series - Start9 or Riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Posted on Nov 12, 2015 5:25:21 AM by Admin in Blogs, in Geeky Stuff, in student life, in Student Life, in twitch, in twitch installs Arch Linux, in video games, in programming, in twitch plays dark souls, in twitch plays pokemon

Greetings and salutations!

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