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Camera Angles Tell a Story

Posted on Mar 9, 2019 6:22:00 PM by Emily Means in digital filmmaking, in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, in Digital Filmmaking Degree, in Digital Video, in degree in digital video

The camera angles in any movie are extremely important, it’s what makes or breaks a film. Say there are two characters having a conversation together. You will have to put deep thought into where you put the camera. For example, we have a female that is accusing her husband of stealing something from her drawer, the person in power here would be the female. She would have more room on screen than the male. A good way to capture an argument is with over the shoulder shots, this allows us to see both characters and lets us see the reactions of what is being said. If the male says,”it wasn’t me”. We can have the camera swing around and have the female look at him in disbelief to add more drama to the situation. Let's say we didn’t want drama, though, what we can do instead is keep the camera on his face showing the worry and hurt that she is accusing him, this causes the audience to feel sympathy for him.

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