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20 Years of Lara Croft

By: | Apr 25, 2016

Hello all, At PAX East, Crystal Dynamics is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tomb Raider Franchise. The first Tomb Raider game came out in October 1996, so not 20 years exactly yet but this year in general is a good year to celebrate. Now I’m sure if you’ve read some of my blogs in… Read more »

Conan O’Brien: Clueless Gamer

By: | Jun 25, 2015

The primary purpose of any game, regardless of it’s use should always be to have fun. ¬†Gamification is a whole thing that would continue to move forward but even then any good game has to be fun before it’s anything else or it doesn’t work. ¬†Personally, I think that seeing people enjoying themselves is generally… Read more »